Chapter One

A Mission

Through most of time, mankind has looked into the unknown reaches of the heavens, and asked the old-time question, and has always wanted an answer, "Are we alone?"

Well, after you read this tale, the answer will be simple, and the answer is...."NO."

This tale is about how one living being and another living being, both from two different worlds, loved and cared for each other, greatly.

The year, 2005. Some countries on earth were at violent conflict with each other. And while there were at conflict, casualties increased almost each day because of it. Crime and immoral acts were brought on to innocent people. And the lives of these innocent people were sometimes, stolen away as a result of that.

These are the kind of things the Galactic Council had seen, while they had been observing earth. The Galactic Council was a council, in the deep depths of outer space, that consisted of different delegates from various planets. The Galactic Council was made up of about 500 delegates. Excluding earth. This council judged planets by observing them and then, they made a decision whether planets were a treat to other planets or not. And if they were under the impression that they were, they would send a observing party to that certain planet to make sure, and the party would see if it needed to be destroyed by something called an anti-proton bomb, so it wouldn’t be able to be a threat to other planets, or if it need to be spared.

An observing party, a few years ago, went to earth. Because, just like now, the council had seen that it was in a unpeaceful condition. The decision? Spare it. But this time, the Galactic Council didn’t want to destroy it. They wanted to take some other action, without the freighting threat of planet earth being demolished.

The Galactic Council decided to hold a meeting at their headquarters, located on a planet that oddly enough looked just like a gigantic eyeball. The meeting hall was so humongous, that it was mind boggling! It looked a lot like the main meeting hall in the United Nations building, except MUCH more larger and much more advanced and futuristic looking. All 500 delegates entered the large meeting hall through two very tall doors. Then, they all assembled and waited for the head of the council to appear. Just then, one of the guards on the left side of the room, came to the center of the room and said, "All please rise for the head of the Galactic Council." The delegates did just as he said as the guard returned to the left side of the hall. The head entered the same way the delegates did.

The head of the council wore some odd clothing. Clothing that would of NEVER been able to of been created on earth. He wore a red cape, that made him look a lot like Superman’s cousin. He wore a purple helmet-like hat, this showed that he was the was the head of the council. His collar was of a triangular shape, and was purple too. The chest part of his clothing was yellow. He wore black boots and black gloves, and also wore, a belt. If anybody on planet earth had ever saw him, they would of defiantly known that he was not of earth.

The head walked though the aisle, and went straight to the center of the room to a large, tall, platform and stood on it. The platform was vividly colored with neon-like colors. The colors were bright blue, and bright pink. The head of the Galactic Council got the delegates attention by saying, "The meeting has now officially commenced, you may be seated." The delegates did as he said, and then, the meeting finally started.

"Now, the reason I have assembled this meeting today, is because of a planet that is again having problems. And that planet" A huge screen then came down from the ceiling and then showed the delegates a picture of earth in space. The delegates murmured to one another, wondering what was wrong with earth this time. As the head continued, the murmuring of the crowd quieted. "After viewing the earth from a satellite for a couple of years, we have been receiving these disturbing images. Observe."

The delegates then saw the footage that the satellite had picked up. They were terrible images of war, many deaths, crimes, and totally senseless and severe violence. All the delegates could not believe their eyes. They again murmured to each other, shocked at the footage they had just been exposed to. After the images had ended, the head of the council continued. "You may remember that a few years ago, earth was under similar conditions. And we had brought over a search party, made up of three individuals, to see if earth would threaten other planets. We also gave them a decision wether or not to do away with the planet, or spare it from destruction. The party made the decision to spare it. Now, we know that the planet is NOT a treat to other planets. But the problems on earth have gotten worse in the few years after that mission was carried out. Any suggestions how these problems should be resolved?"

There was silence at first in the huge hall, then, one of the delegates stood up and said to the head of the council, "Sir, I have an idea." "What is it?" The head of the council asked him, wondering what his idea was. "Why don’t we have a person do a routine scouting report, and see about earth’s progress? If we needed to, we would give that person orders on were to go whenever there’s someplace on earth that needs to be corrected." "Excellent idea." The head of the council agreed. "I will put that down as one of the suggestions." He wrote the idea on a blue colored screen, that was in front of him. It was the same size of a regular piece of paper, and acted as a piece of paper. And he wrote that idea with a pen, that glowed a bright green. After he was done writing, he said, "Any other suggestions?" The hall then was silent, with no more ideas for the delegates to share. The head of the council could see, that since no one had any more ideas, it was time to vote on the idea. "Right. We will now vote on the suggestion, made by one of the delegates." The head of the council said. "All those in favor of the idea, say I." All the delegates in the whole hall said "I." "And all those that oppose this idea, say nay." Silence then filled the room. The decision was finally made. The idea would be carried out as a mission. "Carried unanimous." The head of the council said. Knowing that the ALL the delegates agreed with the idea as a mission.

After the vote, the head of the council continued. "Now, for this mission, we will need one of our great cadets to carry out this mission. But, this mission will only need the job of only ONE cadet. Does anybody have any suggestions who that cadet should be?" One of the delegates stood up and said, "What about Captain Johnson, sir? He has always been reliable to us. I think we should give him the job." "Right, I will put down Captain Johnson, as one of the candidates for this mission." The head of the council said as he wrote Captain Johnson’s name down on his blue screen that acted like a piece of paper. "Any other suggestions for who should carry out this mission?" The head of the council asked, after he was done writing. Another one of the delegates stood up and said, "I think Corporal Craig would be excellent for this mission. Ever since he has been with us for the past two years, he has shown great progress. For him, it seems, no job is too hard for him to handle. I think he is the one who should do the mission." "Okay, he’ll be put down as one of the candidates too." The head of the council told the delegate, as he put Craig’s name down on his blue screen. "Any other suggestions?" The head of the council asked.

Another delegate then stood up, and then said, "How about Corporal Harvey? He’s been with us for five years, and he has carried out every mission with the greatest of ease. Most of the time, he would finish the mission, earlier than we expected him to! He would be great for this mission." "Right. Corporal Harvey will be one of the candidates." The head of the council said, as he wrote his name down. "Any other suggestions?" The head of the council asked once more. Another delegate got up and then said, "Captain Bonnie. She’s was the leader of the party who went to earth last time. And she and her party did a wonderful job with that mission. Since this is a mission to earth, I think she is the one for this mission. Defiantly." "All right. Captain Bonnie will be one of the delegates as well." The head of the council said, as he wrote her name down. "Any more suggestions, delegates?" The room then was silent. The head of the council could tell, since no one else had any other suggestions for more delegates, he could tell, it was time to vote for a cadet.

"Right, since they are no more suggestions for any more cadets, it is time to vote who should go on this mission to earth. In front of you are voting devices that have buttons with the numbers 1-9 labeled on them. Please, if you would, pick them up." All the delegates picked up their voting devices that were located in front of them. Then, the head of the council gave the delegates instructions on how to vote for the delegates. "All right, please listen to my instructions on how to vote for the candidates. You will vote only when I say you can. If you wish to vote for Captain Johnson, please press the button labeled ‘1'. If you wish to vote for Corporal Craig, please press the button labeled ‘2'. If you wish to vote for Corporal Harvey, please press the button labeled ‘3'. And finally, if you wish to vote for Captain Bonnie, please press the button labeled ‘4'. You may now vote." The delegates then started to vote. After just a few minutes of time, all of them had cast in their votes. Then, the head of the council then spoke.

"The results are in delegates. Votes for Captain Johnson: 61. Votes for Corporal Craig: 82. Votes for Corporal Harvey: 104. And votes for Captain Bonnie: 253. So, Captain Bonnie wins by 253 votes. It is now decided delegates. Captain Bonnie will take the mission. I shall summon Captain Bonnie to my office today, for this assignment. And she will be given full instructions for this mission. Thank you for your time delegates. And may peace prevail in the universe. Meeting is now officially adjourned." The head of the Galactic Council then left his podium, and exited out of the hall, by the way he entered it. And soon after, the delegates did the same. It seemed that the Galactic Council, after the meeting, decided that they were going to try to give earth, all the assistance that it seemed it desperately needed.