Osama Tezuka's

The first real impact of any Japanese animation that was felt in the States was the show, Astro Boy who was originally a manga (comic) character created by the legendary, Osamu Tezuka, often refered to as the "god" of Japanese cartoons/animation.

Astro Boy turned out to be a real hit in the States & worldwide and was instrumental in opening the door for many other Japanese animated productions in to the U.S.A.
It was picked up by NBC Films and distributed for television broadcast in many Major T.V. markets in America

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Astro's Tin Toy Room

Its a fabulous collection of vintage Japanese tin-toys with the boxes and everything! Super!

Everyone has heard about the "Lying King" (the rip-off of Tezuka's "Kimba" by Disney - Of course Tezuka would be the first to confess the work of Disney was a great influence on his own).

BUT did you know about the Astro Boy episode that closely resembles... "Toy Story"??? Well, I found some "very interesting" things that seem to be more than a coincidence... Get ready for this cuz its going to be good! Oh Yah!

Stuff that every Astro Boy fan should know...

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