The Astroboy TV Series, being a trememdous hit and all - sparked the release of a plethoria of related merchandise in Japan. Today, some of the most coveted all these are the tin-toys of Japanese make from the 1960's-70's. I have gathered here on this page images to take you back into the past to see these "tin-wonders". Quite inexpensive in their day, some of these cheap little tin-toys easily fetch prices in the thousands of $$$ today depending on condition. Most desirable is the presence of the original box - how many of these do YOU think still exist today??
Well, if you like ancient Anime-related tin-toys this is the page for you!
Just scroll down to view all the items...there are quite a few here! And now for our first selection a rare Astroboy and Astrogirl fire engine!

AND...What a neat fire engine...friction powered and w/ a movable ladder to boot!
This was a kid's dream toy back then! Now, it is just sitting on a collector's shelf looking pretty.

Even the original box is in Great shape!!

Well that was quite breathtaking...but this one is my personal favorite of them all!
NO Doubt...This AstroBus was Boss!
Notice the sides depict the full-cast of Astroboy "regulars" from the TV series: Like, Dr. Elefun, Astrogirl, Mr. Pomous, and Astro's Robot Mama-san & Papa-san. In fantastic condition w/ the box!

More Tin Wonders! Great Condition most w/ boxes - rare beauites!

An Astroboy Automobile - Lets go for a ride around the block!

Astro looks quite stylish in his Jet Boat, does'nt he?

What do we have here? Looks like Astro is "on-duty" flying high above the train station!

Astrogirl is really having a ball!

This sweet little thing looks similar to the fire-engine above, but is a different model - just had to include it on the page!
Beautiful piece!

OTHER Japanese Tin Toys and Stuff!

This Golden Dude had such a pretty harido dont you think?

Bangs and antennas sticking out of your head - Now that was hip!!

Here are some "Kimba" toys too!